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Forex Education: You'll Be Sorry If You Don't

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Forex educating is not something that anyone is smart enough to do without. Forex education, whether you are brand new to the currency markets or have been trading for years, should be ongoing. You'll simply never know enough to stay ahead of the game, and should accept before you start that you'll have to keep learning as long as you keep trading. Its a small price to pay, after all, for the potential returns that the Forex market offers to its savvy players.

And the advent of both electronic trading and the Internet have taken Forex education out of the hands of the financial movers and shakers, and made digital stock and currency trading as accessible to the masses as online banking. Anyone with a personal computer, Internet access, and the ability to read can get a sound Forex education.

A Look Back

A hundred years ago, even though the currency trading market was far from new, it was stable. Speculation in currencies was unheard of, and news traveled slowly. Deteriorating economic conditions in one part of the globe did not have nearly the same catastrophic effect on worldwide markets as they sometimes have today, and the relative value of international currencies simply did not fluctuate on a daily basis.

The Forex Today

But with the introduction of the Euro, and its relationship to the US dollar, the Forex market saw explosive growth. As more and more people turned to currency trading as a part of their investment portfolios, Forex education became more and more essential.

Anyone who decides to begin trading currency without spending some time on Forex education is almost guaranteed a quick and bloody exit. There are so many aspects of Forex trading which should be at least understood, if not mastered, before an investor begins trading that those who fail to study them will soon be lunch for those who know what they are doing.

Learning to read currency charts and technical analysis, at the very least, will provide minimal Forex education, but very minimal. Getting into Forex trading without Forex education is akin to deciding to take a raft trip down the Amazon without a map of South America, and a compass. Its a jungle out there.


Both the enormous size and liquidity of the Forex market have attracted millions of players who think they can bet the trends, which are usually pronounced. Another almost irresistible enticement which the Forex trading offers is its huge leverage ratios; Forex brokers will allow their clients to be leveraged by as much a 100:1.

And with that enormous leverage ratio, or course, comes enormous risk. For those who have not taken the time to work on their Forex education and understand what risk management is all about, being so highly leveraged will find them on a roller coaster of profits and losses.

By treating themselves to some Forex education, they would realize that even the best, most seasoned Forex traders take it on the chin from time to time.

The most important lesson in Forex education? Never play the Forex market with money that is not risk capital. That way, if you lose, you'll live to fight another day.

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